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Registration date: 17th Nov 2011
Last seen: 13th Nov 2014, 8:30 AM
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Location: USA
About Me
Just an avid comic reader on the web and newspaper. I'm in college, have an amazing girlfriend, run an awesome fencing sports club for my university, have the best group of friends, and amongst everything else I do, I still manage to find time for all of these fantastic comics and their incredibly talented creators.

I've read the following comics from beginning to end and follow them almost religiously:
Control-Alt-Delete (CAD)
Cyanide and Happiness (C&H)
Donuts for Sharks
VG Cats
WTF Comics
PHD Comics (Piled Higher, Deeper)
Penny Arcade
Nuzlocke Comics
The Trenches
Rare Candy Treatment
The Other Grey Meat