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Registration date: 28th Jan 2017
Last seen: Today, 1:17 AM
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About me
Just a guy who's an artist for fun.
Drawing is basically my life and anime is my inspiration. I'm hoping to make my stories known so my comics become really popular one day.

DG_Larry's comics
Ninja Hana
Hana Mori is a 22-year-old stay-at-home, unemployed young woman who spends a lot of her free time outside. However, she is unlike most girls her age. Whenever the time comes, she dons her mahogany kimono and fights crime as a kunoichi vigilante. Hana leads a life full of thrills, secrets, and kinks while trying her best to keep herself under control.
Last update: 18th Nov 2018
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Saleswoman Jane
A manic montage of fake advertising featuring the quirky businesswoman, Jane Sedaris.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Kirsha Brackets
Kirsha Brackets is an outspoken, one-of-a-kind teenage girl who embraces her originality.
Last update: Two weeks ago
[Comic profile]
Lots of random shenanigans and fuckery between the members of a cover band who call themselves the Trashy White Bitches.

And some other stuff with other less important people.

Last update: 8th Sep 2018
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The Strange and Marvelous World of Weird Cathy
Cathy Blare is a wacky and free-spirited girl who lives in a town of paranormal and otherwise random happenings. Join her and her friends on their strange adventures in Umbrella Village.
Last update: 1st Jan 2019
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Dr. Cruz
A series of dirty joke skits and short stories of a sexually provoked medical doctor and her inner circle of perverts.
Last update: 18th Nov 2018
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Auntie Anita’s Antics
A comic strip about an indifferent, lax young woman and her curious, hyperactive nephew.
Last update: 21st Jun 2018
[Comic profile]
This comic follows the misadventures of a teenage girl with a fetish like none other and her dude friend who always seems to get sucked in.
Last update: 26th Mar 2017
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