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the only thing I'll hit is the books
Last seen: 9th May 2022, 11:21 AM
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Spends life drawing queer comics and will most likely die by suffocating under fallen books.

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Fallacy Fallacy
Some just have the talent for bad decisions.

When young earl gets kidnapped, things snowball out of control as the task given to him in exchange for freedom goes horribly wrong. A story about trust and learning to take responsibility for one's actions featuring shapeshifting, intrigue and occasional sword fight.

Drama Fantasy / Norse Mythology / Teen / weekly Friday updates ( Currently every two weeks)

Last update: 31st Oct 2019
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
How to be a Zombie How to be a Zombie
How to be a Zombie:

Rule 1: Don't turn into one
Rule 2: If you fail, accept it
Rule 3: Don't die

Last update: 21st Mar 2018
Graphic Violence / Gore
Rambling Rambling
Life of one silly (ex)art student.
Sporadic updates.

Last update: 18th Oct 2016
Sea Love Sea Love
Story about how mermaids are born and how one fell in love with a human. (24h comic)
Last update: 7th Feb 2015
Frequent Frontal Nudity
Love letter from a Scientist Love letter from a Scientist
Love letter from a Scientist is short and sweet Welcome to Night Vale fancomic. The poem is written by Utterlybanjaxed and is being used by their permission.

Originally posted on Tumblr and DA.

Last update: 10th Mar 2014