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Registration date: 24th Mar 2010
Last seen: 3rd Mar 2011, 6:47 PM
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Location: United States
DanOfSideburns's Webcomics
Bad Ideas Comic
From the off-world mind of Dan Campbell, I bring you Bad Ideas Comics. A strange universe where oddball things happen to the few people that populate it. Things like being able to draw on reality and reconstructing instilling the Spark of Life into a friend that recently blew up among others.
Last update: 1st Mar 2011
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Project Hades
Project Hades: A once government-funded scientific research project that overgrew its flower pot. In the twenty years since its first discovery of the enhancements that are produced with tampering with the human genome, Project Hades grew into a business and later into its own private country. Follow Eve, Seru, Winston and others ensnared by this corrupted facility.
Last update: 22nd Sep 2010
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