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Danger Schade
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Registration date: 7th Jul 2011
Last seen: 16th Oct 2018, 7:50 AM
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Location: Pallet Town
About me
I like fig newtons.

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Danger Schade's comics
Comic Jam Redux
All comics from Comic Jam go here! This site collects the ones from 2016 onward, the old one can be found here:
Last update: 22nd May 2017
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Stories about zombies and people who fight zombies to feed my inner 13-year-old who is still fascinated with dragons and building the perfect barricade shelter out of couch cushions.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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My Name Is Zane
I drew this comic in 2012 for daily comics drawing challenge. It grew a lot longer than I originally intended, and I I finished drawing it about a year after it was started. It's been sitting on my hard drive half-colored for the last four years because I wanted to post it all at once; I disliked the idea of people having to wait for weeks to read new pages. Now I'm posting a page every week and hopefully I'll finish the coloring.

It's interesting for me to look at this old artwork- I drew it all at a time before I had much experience drawing or any formal training in art. Some of it makes me cringe, but it's still fun to see.

Last update: 15th Jun 2017
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Ninja Kid and Other Stories
A collection of short comics I draw.
Last update: 18th Aug 2014
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The Shattered Ones
Last update: 10th Dec 2014
[Comic profile]
Last update: 2nd Dec 2014
[Comic profile]
Ur, The First City
A collaboration between: Ryan C., Shipp, Scimok, and Doom and Ikuzuhunter and everyone!
Last update: 9th Dec 2016
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Comic Jam
All the comics from Comic Jam! Comic Jam is a game where artists draw a single panel for a page, making it up as they go.
Last update: 10th Dec 2014
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Space Duck
Sending a duck into space could have been man's greatest invention... until EVIL happened instead. And this is his story.
Last update: 3rd Oct 2011
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Danger Zone
My friends sometimes call me Danger because it is funny. Comics come out of me when I am bored. And you see, danger is an abstract concept, so if somebody is named for an abstract concepty type thing, it is funny. FUNNY.
Last update: 31st Jul 2014
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Goat. He's here from another place. Here to save your days and kick your butts.

I drew this a year ago (or two?) and I found it in my drawer the other day and decided that I should practice inking on it. I don't think I had any story for it when I began drawing it, but I did have some stuff written down about the future of the story. I make a lot of sense.

Last update: 24th Feb 2012
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