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Registration date: 10th Nov 2015
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About Me
Hey! I'm DCS!

Check out my art blog too! (18+)

DarkChibiShadow's Webcomics
My Master is a Naga
An erotic comic centering around the live and love of Klaus and his naga Master, Naveen.

Comic is R-18 and is now completed thanks to my Patrons!

Buy the book:

Last update: 18th Nov 2017
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An erotic comic following the life of a witch named Battam and his partner Sal, the satyr.
The comic follows Battam and Sal's relationship closely as well as discussing Battam's broken relationship with his brother and the local coven. The comic is as much about the couple's intimate details as well as general magical world building.

Help support the comic on Patreon!

Last update: 8th Dec 2018
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Space School (R-18 Spin-offs)
🚀Space School is a PG-13 comic about Zeggy-- an alien and real creep, attends the acclaimed Space School and possesses rad powers he doesn't quite deserve. Thru the early parts of the comic, Zeggy learns his actions and words actually affect others and if he ever wants to have real friends and real relationships-- something's got to give.🚀

These are side stories and comics involving characters from the comic, some are canon but some are considered non-canon and just for fun!

As such, these PDFs are for mature readers only (18+) and include only mature characters (18+)!

Last update: 13th Dec 2018
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