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Registration date: 10th Jul 2015
Last seen: 7th Mar 2019, 7:09 PM
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DarkKomet's Webcomics
ComiPo!: The Legend of Miho
This Story will be about Miho Koishikawa AKA ComiPo-Chan

The Story will have some Violence as well as Strong Language

But it will not be too Scary

The characters are own by ComiPo! LLP but with some story added as well as an outfit added for the mascot

Last update: 28th Dec 2016
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Lilith Vs Zalda Len: Klash of Heroes
Lilith Vs Zalda Len: Klash of Heroes takes place after Hero Awakens: Black Warrior and before Hero Awakens: Lovely Romance as well as After The Past Segment and Before The Present Segment of Space Blood: Injustice
Last update: 28th May 2016
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The Age of Lightside
The Age of Lightside is a prequel about Metatronus's past as well as details about her role in history

Warning contains spoilers for Sword Kalibur which is found in Deviant Art and is a part of the DarkKomet ComiPo series

As for the title, Lightzeid The Current Metatronus is inspired by Thanos, Darkseid(Yes the name is similar but Lightzeid is her real name rather than her tittle) and Apocalypse(And Apocalypse has his comic tittle being Age of Apacalypse)

Last update: 22nd Nov 2016
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World X
Last update: 13th May 2017
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The Bride And The Widow
Last update: 22nd Feb 2017
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Death One: A Space Blood Story
Death One: A Space Blood Story is a prequel that took place before Lilith Vs Zalda Len: Klash of Heroes
Last update: 13th Jan 2017
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War Neighbors
War Neighbors is a Webcomic about a One Sided Rivalry of An Orange Soldier of The Orange Order having a one sided rivalry with a Green Soldier of The Green Order

This Comic will only focus on GMod Characters and will be The First of The Series to have only GMod Character Focus but will have some ComiPo Special Effects And Emotes

War Neighbors will be part of The DarkKomet ComiPo Series except this will not have ComiPo Character Models and will take place at the same time as KomiPo Omega and before Rise of The Kreed

Last update: 27th May 2016
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Dark Beauty
Dark Beauty is a Webcomic about some Nerd who ends up with huge face damage only for The Medical Healing Chamber to end up making his face a face of Beauty
Last update: 25th Mar 2016
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The Komet Kronicles
Last update: 25th Jan 2017
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Project Blake
Project Blake is a Prequal to my Deviant Art Series known as DarkKomet ComiPo
Last update: 8th Jun 2016
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Last update: 2nd Mar 2016
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Space Blood
Systems Used: ComiPo Gmod

In A Galaxy Far Far Away there is a war between The Space Republic And The Blood Empire and a battle of both The Sacred Side And Blood Side begins

Last update: 7th Jan 2017
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Hero Awakens
Last update: 24th May 2016
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The Twins of Black And White
The Twins of Black And White is about two twins split from adoption only to reunite with a huge surprise
Last update: 19th Feb 2016
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