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Registration date: 7th Nov 2015
Last seen: Today, 7:27 AM
Posts: 651
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Location: Moscow
About me
If you wish to support me, here is my Patreon page -

If you want a commission from me, check the higher tiers of my Patreon rewards!

Darksh1ne's comics
Monstroniverse adventures
Last update: Yesterday
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Monstroniverse lore
This is the combination of all lore/monstrology articles about Monstroniverse, the fantasy universe I created as the basis for my stories and comics.

Find the comic here -

And of course, if you like what I do, consider this -

Last update: 22nd Sep 2018
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The grey outcast
WARNING:The comic is heavily NSFW. Nudity, sex, rape, violence - all of it can be expected.

Far away from Tamir, in the land of Principalities, lives a lone dark elf witch. Mistakes of the past torment her, and she lives a boring, aimless life. If only she would meet someone special on her way to fill the void and bring new meaning to her existence.

Last update: 7th Aug 2018
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The witch who never lied
Once upon a time there was an unfortunate girl, who had a very strange condition - she could never lie

My first digitally made comic that I managed to finish!

Last update: 25th Jul 2016
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Storage of random stuff
This is all the non-comic related art I've done so far. 18+ of course.

Uncensored versions of some works here can be found on Patreon -

Last update: 10th Jun 2016
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