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Registration date: 7th Nov 2015
Last seen: Today, 4:46 PM
Posts: 619
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Location: Moscow
About me
If you wish to support me, here is my Patreon page -

If you want a commission from me, check the higher tiers of my Patreon rewards!

Darksh1ne's comics
Monstroniverse adventures
I post new pages each Tuesday and Friday.

The comic is currently in the state of full scale reboot. You can still find old pages on my Patreon, but take into consideration that the entire first half of the story is no longer canon.

Beware, this comic covers many NSFW themes, such as nudity, sex (consensual and not), violence, gore.

Last update: 4 days ago
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The grey outcast
WARNING:The comic is heavily NSFW. Nudity, sex, rape, violence - all of it can be expected.

Far away from Tamir, in the land of Principalities, lives a lone dark elf witch. Mistakes of the past torment her, and she lives a boring, aimless life. If only she would meet someone special on her way to fill the void and bring new meaning to her existence.

Last update: 18th Apr 2017
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Monstroniverse lore
This is the combination of all lore/monstrology articles about Monstroniverse, the fantasy universe I created as the basis for my stories and comics.

Find the comic here -

And of course, if you like what I do, consider this -

Last update: 29th Dec 2017
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The witch who never lied
Once upon a time there was an unfortunate girl, who had a very strange condition - she could never lie

My first digitally made comic that I managed to finish!

Last update: 25th Jul 2016
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Storage of random stuff
This is all the non-comic related art I've done so far. 18+ of course.

Uncensored versions of some works here can be found on Patreon -

Last update: 10th Jun 2016
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