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Registration date: 22nd Nov 2010
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About me
I'm a dreamer.
A dreamer who have been dreaming about many different worlds and characters, too many stories to tell, but I'm commited to publish at least some of them, and everyone who support me in any way is helping me to publish these stories.

By the way, english isn't my main language, so I'm probably going to do some grammar/spelling mistakes, if you see anything wrong and want to point out feel free to do it.

Darkwes's comics
Densetsu: Future Never Dies
Future never dies.
As long as someone is standing there, between the inevitable end and the future that needs to be protected.

Fifteen years ago a large scale war destroyed whole nations, desestabilized world economy and compromised dozens of ecosystems, putting human progress to a halt. In the year 2.025, gargantuan corporations that profitted heavily during the crisis have took over cities and even nations, dictating to its citizens a lifestyle tailored to consolidate their power.

But there will be always those who will stand against them, and that's exactly what the members of the Superhuman Squad Densetsu do on a daily basis, standing between the oppression against the weak, fighting against the ones that elected themselves as the rightful leaders of this country. The ones that enslave people 'for their own good', weaponizing human lives while stealing their free will and controlling all aspects of society.

No matter what they come up against, they will keep standing, because future... Future never dies.

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