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Registration date: 15th Feb 2011
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About me
Just your average webcomic artist. I've been drawing since 2005; and though I lack natural artistic talent, I'd like to think that my hard work and obsession with improvement has begun to pay off. I love telling stories.

I'm also a reviewer now. You can see my work and request reviews on my blog, Enigma Reviews

Darthdespario's comics
Last update: 30th Apr 2012
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Eclipse Legend
In 1948 the course of history was changed when the war with the Celerans began. In order to survive mankind had to evolve and adapt. This quantum leap in human potential takes the form of artificially-created superhumans known as “alpha-humans.” Created by EON Industries, the Alpha-human Project holds the keys to once again, change mankind's fate.
Last update: 2nd Jan 2015
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