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Heya! I'm David (he/him), an American-based webcomic writer/artist and game design student! I've been making my strip for just over 3 years now and quite frankly I only now feel confident enough to post them on an actual webcomic hosting service! Let's hope I can make it in the weird world of online comics!

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David: A Webcomic David: A Webcomic
Alternately a goofy gag-a-week comedy and a significantly less goofy serialized comedy-drama, David: A Webcomic follows the lives of a group of lifelong friends as they shakily exit their teenage years and take their first steps towards adulthood. Also there's something about talking birds? And timeshifted clones? I dunno, man, it all seems to make sense, more or less.
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Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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