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Deadly Death Sickle
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Registration date: 13th Mar 2017
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Deadly Death Sickle's comics
Pokémon Gijinka Marathon
An idea that turned into a kind of friendly competition. We'll be aiming to complete the national pokédex in gijinka form, but no pressure; anyone to finish wins!
Last update: 20th Oct 2016
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Terraria- The Wild Adventures
The adventures of Jack and Michael to save a world from destruction.

--Most sprites created, or "based of but then later modified", by Redigit Indie Game Studios.--

Last update: 22nd Apr 2018
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The Ninth Soul
This is just a funny little comic that pokes a bit of fun in the dark back story of undertale, and its most little know character, Gaster. I would suggest you complete at least the true pacifist route before you get to far in the comic, but if you never plan of playing undertale, feel free to read

Based on and inspired by Undertale, by Toby Fox
Theory and artwork by Michael Fenicle

Last update: 1st Apr 2018
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The stick battle royale
The stick people fight to stay alive. As the plot slowly unfolds more and more you will discover the true meaning of the battle royal.

Main author: Jake Rimel (jjdx9) Co-Author/Artist: Michael Fenicle (Deadly Death Sickle)

Last update: 18th May 2018
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