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Deadly Death Sickle's Profile
Deadly Death Sickle
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Registration date: 13th Mar 2017
Last seen: Today, 4:11 PM
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Location: Alternatively both the material plane and the ethereal plane of existence
About Me
Hi! I joined this site on March 13th 2017 and started making comics about undertale and stick figures. As you can tell, I suck at digital artwork, although I can draw much better by hand. Both of those comics have died predictably a little while after I started visiting the forums. I mostly hung around the forum games at first and started talking to some cool people. After that, kinda left the webcomic world for about a year (aside from occasionally checking on some comic I subbed to)

But now I’m back! With a new comic! With more activity! With exactly the same amount of rabbit!
Actually maybe not the last one.

Deadly Death Sickle's Webcomics
Lost Timelines
Lost Timelines is a completely interactive webcomic based on what it’s viewers want to see happen. This is probably end up like every high school DnD campaign ever. Please view full rules in the blog found in the toolbar of the comic.
Slightly inspired by Homestuck

[basic rules]
1. Whenever entering a command for characters to follow, please refrain from commanding anything involving nudity, sensual content, etc.

2. Keep in mind that any command can get itself a panel but that doesn’t mean that the command will be followed.

3. And that’s pretty much it, just leave your command in it’s own comment and address who it is for.


Last update: 22nd Apr 2019
[Comic profile]
Follow the life of, or to be more precise the un-death of, death himself!

Written and drawn by DDS.
This comic is more of a side project and updates as my time allows

Last update: 16th Apr 2019
[Comic profile]

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