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Deadly Death Sickle♂

Registration date: 13th Mar 2017
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About me
Well I just enjoy making comics, I am currently working on TJAE. If you have any thing to ask just contact me at

Deadly Death Sickle's comics
The Ninth Soul
The underground was always, somewhat peaceful... before the resets... we all know of the 8 souls... the red soul of Frisk... the cyan, orange, yellow, purple, green, and blue souls... and Chara's red soul... however... there is one more... the black soul... WARNING: THIS WEBCOMIC MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!

Based on and inspired by the epic game by Toby Fox, Undertale
Theory and artwork by Michael Fenicle... Even if it hasn't been proven that Gaster has a soul, it's my theory

Last update: 8 days ago
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