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Deathray Moonbase
Registration date: 9th Mar 2014
Last seen: 8th Aug 2015, 8:32 AM
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Location: in a van in Christchurch, NZ
About me
Rawwwwr! That is all.

Haha. Hmmm, let's see...I'm a college dropout that's currently traveling the world and having the time of my life on a very strict budget (normally only $500/year after plane ticket). I say normally because my boyfriend totally blew that out of the water on our very first day travelling together... >.> Luxury is a surprisingly weird thing to have to adjust to, but what can I say? I was all about the hitchiking and sleeping on the streets. And hey, whatever you hear about homeless people on TV is an utter lie in most cases (granted, I only tested this on the east side of Australia).

Anyway, other than being a travel junkie, I'm not very addicted to anything else...unless you want me to be cheesy (:P), so I'll just leave it at that for now.

If you wanna know anything else, just shoot me a message (as I'm way too weird for most people to meet in person. XD)

Deathray Moonbase's comics
The Uprising
As someone once said, "With every action, there is a reaction." What the bastard didn't say, is one of those reactions may unleash an entire horde of cyborg zombies. I mean seriously, he couldn't just put that in a little foot note at the bottom of his book or something: WARNING, trying to help random strangers will kill off the last of humanity in a way you really don't want to see? No. No, he couldn't.

So now, instead of enjoying a nice plate of buffalo wings at The Cave Inn with my four friends, I'm holed up with them in some abandoned home in Midguard trying to survive. You know how hard it is trying to survive miles underground where resources are low, cyborg zombies want to convert you, and cannibals want to eat you?




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