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24 year old library employee and bird

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Saccharine Vampirl
Saccharine Vampirl is a soap opera about vampires who pretend they're not.

Alright, it's also about witches, talking dolls, little girls that talk to animals, demons, Death's sister, dead people that don't stay dead, and much weirdness hiding under the guise of normal life.

4/7/18 - 5 years later, I'm finally changing the status of this comic to on hiatus. I wanted to come back to it for a long (!) time but I've realized I don't have it in me to make comics anymore. I love this story, so I hope I can return to it one day.

Last update: 2nd Aug 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Keep It Classy
Short stories that won't get their own site, and comics about me.
Last update: 5th Jul 2016
Frequent Strong Language