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Last seen: 9th Dec 2019, 6:16 PM
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About Me
well, what can i tell you about myself....

First of all, i'm a big liar. you wouldn't be able to recognize the truth from my lies.

I'm the artist/writer of my comic, i'm studying in high school university right now. i'm trying to learn Mayatoon boomhow to sculpt, and i'm aspiring to go to a nice university(and live in a truck ) finish uni and be a damn good animator3D modeler.

Deo's Webcomics
Future Regrets
In a superpowered world things are never quiet normal, specially after a war. Now the survivors try to adapt to the new destroyed environment, or use it to their purposes.
Last update: 5th Dec 2015
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
The Hub
In the gaps between worlds there is a city.
Sometimes people will slip through the cracks of their own universe and find themselves the hub.

(Yes this is indeed another Character Battle spinoff comic:D)

Last update: 11th Dec 2017
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
30 Days of Characters
ComicFury artists join together to challenge themselves! 30 characters in 30 days - one new character every day, for the entire month of April. Think you're up for the challenge? Join now!
Last update: 4th Apr 2017
Frequent Frontal Nudity
Character Battle - The Continuation
A continuation of the first Character Battle. This is the site which we use to archive the new bouts.

First incarnation.

Last update: 18th Jun 2015
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language