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I'm Dera Nuel, the author of Warrior's Wings comic series. I love drawing, manga especially, watching anime, football and I also love good music.
I'll put in my best and I really hope you'll enjoy this manga.

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Warrior's Wings Warrior's Wings
To some he's a murderer, others think he's the Saviour.
Some people think he should be put to death. But there are still those who would protect him with their lives.
Warrior's Wings is the tale of Dike Sinora, a young outcast who became the most wanted man in the Raz Empire after murdering the Royal Prince of Obodo. It presents a whole new picture of ancient African warfare, the scheming, the fighting and the conquest.
If you're a fan of epic war stories, look no further. It is a juicy pack of action, adventure, and romance.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Last update: 28th Jan 2021
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language