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Registration date: 10th May 2017
Last seen: Today, 10:35 PM
Posts: 11
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Location: Sweet Home Alabama
About me
I like making comics, playing video games, hanging out with friends, and other things!

I'm also trying to get better at HTML, but it's not going too well.

DestinyMason's comics
Terraria: The Legends of Utopia
Imagine a perfect world. That world you imagined is Utopia. Nothing bad ever happened here. But of course, all things can't last forever.

When the Korpsion try to take over Utopia, it's up to a semi-skilled swordsman named Utopian, his wise brother Kyle, and the many friends they meet along the way to save it from certain doom!

Last update: 2 days ago
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M&L: Cosmic Heroes [On Hiatus]
Get ready for a whole new adventure... full of sprites, silliness, stupidity, and 'staches, because this is Mario and Luigi: Cosmic Heroes!

This is an interactive webcomic, in which you can choose the adventure for our mustachioed heroes in Red and Green!

The entire world is at stake when an ancient doomsday artifact is found... it's up to Mario, Luigi, and allies along the way to save the Mushroom Kingdom, and the cosmos! And they need YOUR help!

Come join the ride!

This is a sprite comic, where sprites were ripped form various Mario games. All of the characters belong to Nintendo, except for some original characters I might create along the way. Thank you to The Spriters' Resource for providing me these sprites to make my comic!

Last update: 4th Aug 2017
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