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Sixteen year old comic artist with a love for storytelling and stories! Not to mention good video games, and of course awesome Shounen anime.

I also love meeting folks who have mutual interests! Feel free to strike up a conversation if you want :)

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Utopia was a world teeming with life and possibilities. A man named Gerrid saw these possibilities and took action, taking the moniker of Utopian and colonizing the land, evolving it into a dreamland of adventure and romanticism.

However, a terrible blight called the Korpsion saw these opportunities themselves and seized this land. Utopian disappeared, and Utopia became a vessel for the most evil creatures imaginable.

Fifteen years into the future, two brothers arrive to Utopia. Not quite knowing what to do or where to go, they try to survive in this new land, unaware of the giant quest that lies ahead of them...

Updates on Fridays (and occasionally Wednesdays).

Last update: 26th Jun 2020
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