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Devonshire Red
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Registration date: 26th Oct 2010
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About Me
Brigadier General Autumn R. L. was born on a far-off planet somewhere east of Uranus. As a young alien humanoid, Autumn would gaze into the stars and wonder two things: What her future destiny held and why that rash on her forearm wasn't clearing up. (The former was not nearly as distressing as the latter!) One day, while watching a special on the Discovery Channel about Earthlings, she discovered Japanese pop culture and the concept of Cures. Suddenly inspired, she ran to her room and began sketching the character concepts for what are now Audette and Kalyana - the stars of her Kingdom Pretty Cure series. Autumn ran off to the nearest publishing station but no one on her planet would accept anything that didn't include the words "Of Awesomeness" at the end of the title. Angry, discouraged, and filled with plenty of teenage hormonal angst, she "borrowed" her parent's spaceship and flew off to Earth to be where she belonged. When she arrived, she was yet again shot down by the publishers she approached. (Poor Autumn didn't realize that Playboy magazine and Penthouse only publish a certain kind of book.) After two whole weeks of searching for publishers, Autumn made the decision to publish her comic on the only website she deemed worthy. She uploaded it to Comic Fury, where it is currently being enjoyed by maybe just a few people.
...Oh ya, and she got the title of Brigadier General because she gave her spaceship to the military to study it.

Devonshire Red's Webcomics
Kingdom Pretty Cure
Kingdom Pretty Cure is a fan series. I did not invent the idea of Cures. The concept comes from a magical girl anime series, the first being Futari Wa Precure. All of the characters are original creations though.

That being said, please don’t be put off by the fact it is a fan series. I have friends who have never seen the show and enjoy and understand it and I hope you will too. This is merely a fun side project I am working on and it’s purely for the enjoyment of my readers and myself.

Somewhere in Canada, in a crime ridden city, Audette Devonshire and Kalyana Beuchene become magical soldiers called Cures after meeting Cato and Callisto, two fairies. Meant to be a team, the two girls cannot stand each other and have a hard time fighting crime. Throw in a kidnapping serial killer, a creepy cop and some only vaguely scary gangsters and you have the most fruitless, face-palming, and poorly drawn magical girl story known to date!

Last update: 1st Dec 2012
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