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A curious "sugar lump" as they call me . Am I curious? How does ever know I am?

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Alva’s Dietary Misadventures Alva’s Dietary Misadventures
An Ampharos named Alva, a Granbull, and a Sobble (named Sobble-John) trek through the wooded mountains in search for the exotic sugar-apple. Finding one isn’t easy though, as there have been less fruit to pick lately. As they uncover the sudden rarity of the fruit, Alva narrates (recalls) his adventures, together with others’ perspectives, in his “troubled state of consciousness” as he constantly ruminates about his experiences in a variety of manners.
Last update: 16th Apr 2022
Occasional Strong Language
Dia's Idiosyncratic Comics and Komedy and Stuff Dia's Idiosyncratic Comics and Komedy and Stuff
Hey, I call myself Dia, Diabeticus for short. I consider this to be a do-what-may comic. In a way, it's like a podcast but in illustrated form where I generally share my thoughts on generally anything. That's about it.
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Occasional Strong Language