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Registration date: 13th Aug 2016
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Location: Cardiff, Wales
Dincorta's comics
Meridian Six: Cold Reset
When portals open in the sky and begin laying siege to our major cities, three heroes join a covert team of mercenaries on a suicide mission into the unknown!
Last update: 26th Dec 2017
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Meridian Six: The Blood and the Quill
Izzy Renquist is the hopeful Royal destined for a seat amongst the six Families. Pressured by her parents and resentful of her fate, Izzy breaks away from her armed escort for a taste of the world beyond her isolated life in her family's chateau. Traversing the gothic lands of Prydein, Izzy meets a range of people who open her eyes to the tyrannical rule of the Families, and she quickly finds herself leading the fight against her own blood...
Last update: 16th Dec 2017
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