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Dirk Van Dom's Profile
Dirk Van Dom♂
Registration date: 7th Mar 2012
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Location: Ireland
About me
I'm a small press comics writer from Kildare, Ireland, with my favourite genres being sci fi, action, and horror...ideally a mixture of all! I currently write for a number of small press comics in the UK - Paragon, Futurequake, Something Wicked, Zarjaz and Dogbreath - and also self publish my own anthology comic, Vanguard. I also regularly contribute to online anthology comics Temple APA and Hallowscream. My comic Vanguard was nominated in the category of Best New Irish Comic in the 2011 Irish Comic News awards. For more info on my work, check out my blog here - The Van Domain
- and also the Vanguard comic blog here -
Thanks for reading.

Dirk Van Dom's comics
Ireland, the late 19th century and animal cruelty is at its peak. Horses and donkeys are being exterminated in huge numbers by the factories supplying cabinet and furniture makers with the all important glues crucial to the production of their wares. Equine animals – whose hides and hooves produce the best mixtures - have become the animal of choice as raw materials in the production of these glues, and the men and women employed by the glue factories act in barbaric fashion in 'converting' them. It's a nasty business and somebody - or something - has to do something about it. Watch out animal-slaying glue makers! Mammoth-Jack Duncan, the 'one who got away' is on the warpath and out for revenge - and he is one seriously ticked off donkey! Heee-haw!!!

Last update: 28th May 2012
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Anthology comic featuring four tales of action, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy and horror.
Last update: 13th Mar 2012
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Atomic Call
Orphan, tomboy, juvenile delinquent, soldier. Colleen 'Call' Malone has been many things in her thirty years of life...and she's about to add 'fugitive' to the list. Detained in a juvenile detention centre during her teenage years, she was enlisted into the Irish army at the onset of Europa War 2, under a new, innovative rehabilitation scheme. Having turned her life around and become a top class soldier during the course of the war, her past comes back to haunt her when she returns home to attend the funeral of 'Mammy', the matriarch of the orphanage she grew up in. Reunited with old pal Sally Marrett (who has also turned her life around, though in an opposite direction) she agrees to repay an old debt by helping Sally with a problem - namely, providing some 'muscle' to help her deal with the goons trying to take over her brothel in Dubai. This task will see Call tempted back to her old ways of thievery and con-artistry, with the skills she picked up during her years in the army allowing her to operate on a whole new level - a level that will see her come into possession of some very powerful technology...and set the world's most dangerous bounty hunter on her tail!
Last update: 11th Apr 2013
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