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Registration date: 2nd Nov 2015
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About me
A Northman & disciple of the 3D Arts!'s comics
Permanent Midnight
Follow the exploits of Detective Alexa Bowman, host of the Respawner demon & her samurai side chic, Satchiko as they do battle in the Vampiric underworld of the father of all vampires.
Last update: 9th May 2016
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The Adventures of Maggie Raider
The adventures of Lara Croft's most infamous and precocious cousin, Maggie. She's always into something!
Last update: 30th Dec 2015
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Brent Verses The Poserverse
Comic author, musician film maker sometimes escapes the stress of so called real life by escaping into the Poserverse for brief adventures.
Last update: 24th Jun 2016
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Bread Kingdom
As I transition from a career as a web developer to a very, very different career as a bread distributor, things often strike me as funny. I will share them here in a strip I called, "Bread Kingdom."
Last update: 30th May 2018
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