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I'm a Christian! I also like to run (I'm in cross country and track) and have been doing so for nearly 7 years now.

From now on let no man trouble me, for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.
-Galatians 6:17

Distance's Webcomics
The Recruit
This webcomic is not discontinued. However, about 11 months ago I did lose all my material due to some computer trouble. Right now I just can't find the motivation to piece it back together again, but I hope to finish it one day in the future. I still have the story in my head the way I want it, for the most part. So, it's on hiatus. It might be a very long hiatus, but it will not die permanently.

The Recruit is a sprite comic about a young man named Halbert Cross (Hal) who somehow ends up in an alternate dimension. In this dimension there are two worlds, each with their own ruler. The rulers constantly attempt to recruit to his/her side new folks who happen to arrive in this wacky dimension. The two worlds are always in conflict, and Hal soon finds himself immersed in the crossfire.

All sprites were created by me in MS Paint. I tried to go for a classic 8-bit style.

Last update: 8th Oct 2013