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Registration date: 8th Jan 2014
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The human population has reduced by 24% by wars and plagues. Lliock Ezaris has lived in Nebedox, a city in America, his whole life. He didn't realize the chaotic war going on around the city until his mom died in the war when he was 15. He joined the Jenovah military program as a pharmaceutical chemist to save lives as soon as he could.

(More information will be added on.)

Information will be added later on...
Updates Sundays (or Thursdays)

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Takes place in the UK, 1907.

Victor got everything he ever wanted his whole life, but nothing could replace affection.
(More info added later)

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Angelic Conflict
Last update: 1st Feb 2015
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The magic man!
Last update: 17th Mar 2016
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He needs a theme song.