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Donna Barr's Profile
Donna Barr

Registration date: 30th Dec 2013
Last seen: 3 days ago, 2:03 AM
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Location: Clallam Bay, WA, USA
About me
Donna Barr is the creator of the original drawn books series "The Desrt Peach," "Stinz," and "Bosom Enemies," among others, including "Afterdead," where she rolls all of her characters into one wild series. It originally ran on Webcomicsnation, set up by our hero, Joey Manley (who recently passed and we remember with fondness and admiration).

Donna Barr's comics
Clallam Bay Comicon
In 2017, Diana Kennedy will travel all the way from France to the far northwest corner of the United States, to attend the most isolated comicon on the planet. It's hard to get here, but it's loads of fun. We have fireworks!
Last update: 9th May 2017
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The Desert Peach is the Desert Fox's gay brother. This is his afterlife. If you like Donna Barr's weird sense of humor and view of the world - and uniforms and some really hot boots, centaurs, harpies, insight into the military life, and the idea that you can eat all the avocados in the afterlife without gaining weight - this is for you. Donna's style and stories are her own. She's truly an original.
Last update: 2 days ago
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The Black Manuscripts
Donna Barr's training ground in art and writing were 1600- some pages of intense, tightly-drawn and even more tightly-lettered pages, in 8 embroidery-bound art books. They belong to no genre. They're original, and admittedly disturbing. There's a lot of girls doing stories like this now - but in 1964, Donna was the only one doing anything like this. As far as she knows. At least anybody considered un-disturbed.
Last update: 8th Apr 2014
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Rental Goddess
A woman asks Kali to give her a break, and a more bearable goddess. She gets Sedna, the skeletal handless sea-goddess of the north. No good can come of this.
Last update: 26th Sep 2014
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