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Donut Studios
Registration date: 30th Dec 2013
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Donut Studios's comics
Butter Bros
Butter Bros is the comedy coming-of-age story, in which a college student, Nick, is troubled by the things in his life. His friend's dad is going to jail, and he is too shy to ever talk to his crush. All he can do to escape from it all is play video games. But when he gets his new video game, he starts to realize their trying to escape with him.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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A comedy series about stupid friends doing stupid things for fun. Oh boy!
Last update: 17th May 2014
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Awesome Land: The Comic Story
When a new French girl named Jeniveve moves to the odd town, Panama City, she meets a boy who will change her life. The reason? He has a paintbrush that has powers to control the universe. And in that town, several things almost cause the end of the world. And there's teen drama. Oh boy.

Based on my web series, Awesome Land, which you can find here:

Last update: 25th Jun 2014
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The Haunted Mansion
Every town needs a creepy house on the hill;
sure enough, Gracey Manor fit the bill.
This old house has many secrets to hide;
but there be none brave enough to look inside.
But then comes Harper,
who can barely hold her breath;
when she meets 999 spirits,
who tries to bring her closer to death.

From the creator of Awesome Land,
and based on the Disney Parks ride;
comes a dark and chilling tale,
that dares you to look inside.

Last update: 18th Sep 2016
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In a world where hell has breached into Earth, one man-child stands for a world where a narrator doesn't decide what he fucking stands for.

With a broken mental state and a rockin' semi the size of his dick, Jewfro is a man who lives on another level. He fights demons and gay historical dictators, he fucks with his friends (not literally), he tries to fuck with his gay crush (yes, literally), and brutally rips apart people if they look at him the wrong way.

This is the story of Jewfro...

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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