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your average pokefanatic smackjeeves refuge #204832597535 billion

pronouns are get/bent

been reading comics for I don't even know how long at this point, grew up with the works of SilverLunarWing, Ky-nim, PokemonTrainerGiGi, and to a slightly lesser extent Tehpikachu and Woo, go check their shit out it's great and I love them from a distance in a platonic way

used to be TheMewgon40 but now that I am not a literal 12 year old child I've decided to stop being a little shit and get a better name and personality (unless you consider extreme anxiety and generally contrarian views to be a bad personality in which case no I have not gotten a better personality)

if the r/polandball mods ever let me out of their closet, I may get around to making edgy gen 5 nuzlocke comic #20480384!