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I like comics and video games oh man am I ever original.

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Empires of Steam Empires of Steam
Empires of Steam is a steampunk(ish) webcomic, set in an alternate 1860 where Automatons are common and secrets are commoner. Tom Jeffries, a wealthy industrialist, professor of engineering, and head of a major Automaton development company, finds himself dealing with an outpouring of the secrets his mentor and adoptive father, Harold Shellers, was holding onto when his will is read. Tom is swept into a current of secret organizations, powerful technology, and personal grudges, and has to find a way to handle the responsibility Harold has passed down to him without allowing the world around him to crumble.
Last update: 16th May 2018
Frost Frost
Many years in the future, when the world's last days are marked by the onset of a dense and deadly fog, there is one city that manages to survive. This is humanity's last bastion in a dead world, the only remaining city; and to the north, the mountain. Resources of any kind are rare and dear, and violating the law demands exile to the mountain. The comfort of the city is lost, and a cold reality sets in.
At the base of the mountain is a village of exiles. Rumors are whispered from ear to ear of walking ice that steals people in the night. It's said that these are the truly evil, the ones who could no longer bear to live in even the rough analog for civilization offered at the mountain's base. They're half-frozen monsters with limbs and faces of ice, dark eyes, and a constant, gnawing hunger.
It is, of course, entirely true. Some of those who go to the mountain aren't quite human anymore. Go to the wrong place, and you'll find your body changed, frozen over. Stay where it's cold, and you'll survive. Leave, and watch your body melt away. But then, of course, the mountain doesn't want you there. Strange things happen to those who are frozen: avalanches, suddenly appearing crevasses, and attacks from those who have been on the mountain too long, who have become a wight made entirely of ice. The mountain is alive, and it hates these things that crawl on it.
This is the story of Rachel Eisen, her exile to the mountain, and how she lost her humanity. And this is also the story of how she helped everyone regain theirs.

Last update: 25th Mar 2021