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Dr Apocalypto's Profile
Dr Apocalypto♂

Registration date: 22nd Jul 2012
Last seen: 3rd Mar 2014, 5:35 AM
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Location: The Hayward Faultline
About me
There is no reliable information about Dr. Apocalypto.

Dr Apocalypto's comics
Dr. Apocalypto's Surviv-o-rama
A useful* resource for surviving** and thriving during*** the end of life as we know it at the "hands"**** of zombies, aliens, robots, boredom, plague, asteroids, the weather, ninjas, clowns, [redacted by National Security], war, global warming, giant creatures from the deep or vampire enslavement.

*No "actual" usefulness, either real or implied, is guaranteed.
**No "actual" survival, either real or implied, is guaranteed.
***No "actual" thriving, either real or implied, is guaranteed.
****Many forms of apocalyptic doom do not have hands.

Last update: 27th Jul 2013
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