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I'm a classically trained artist and I'm always open for comissions. As well as digital art I can also do comercial design advertisements and traditional painting/drawing. For more examples see my gallery on deviantart.com/dr-destruction

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Cats, Dogs, Boys & Other Pets
Saya considers herself to be a normal girl, but one day while leaving late from school she takes a shortcut through a cementary. Her resolve cracks when she is attacked by a ghost that sends chills down her spine when she sees it. As she runs away the ghost is attacked by a dark figure. Unable to see clearly in the gloom she can't identify her savior. But she does notice a few general details. First that it's eyes glow. Second that it has ears and a tail like a cat's. And finally that he's wearing a boys uniform from the school she attends. And so begins the Saya's search for the identity of the mysterious Cat boy that saved her life.
Last update: 26th May 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes