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Ed FitzSimons
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Registration date: 28th Jul 2014
Last seen: 29th Aug 2017, 6:46 PM
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About me
Likes Drawing, Games, Horror, n' other fun stuff.
Reddit name is MegaFitzy.
Twitter handle is FitzytheShark.

Ed FitzSimons's comics
Ageless: A Urealms Fan Story
A fan comic based on Robert Moran's Urealms, more or less the result of me making a bunch of characters for it and wanting to do a comic about them.
The races/magic/concepts and some of the lore (stuff that's been in the video series up through s3e1) are directly from the series and game, with the story taking place roughly a thousand years after a war between Ageless and the Paladin order, which ended in a pyrrhic victory for the paladins.

Updates are weekly, comments will be kept to the Urealms forum for the time being.

Again, Urealms as a universe belongs to Robert Moran.

Last update: 29th Aug 2017
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Mindcrack Beats Minecraft
Nearly a year ago, a comic artist who went by the pseudonym "0uicmoi" created a webcomic called Etho Beats Minecraft, set in circumstances of the Mindcrack group on YouTube. The French artist eventually delayed his comics due to back problems, eventually leading to the point that he required another artist to continue the series. Nick Graves, a young artist applied for the position having contributed a fair amount of fan art to the Mindcrack community. Nick was given a sample comic by 0uicmoi before he then disappeared. 0uicmoi still continues his comic "Le Lampadaire" to this day, but it can only be assumed that he lost interest in the Etho Beats Minecraft Comic.

Thus, I thought it was time for another regular Mindcrack fan comic, so I have decided in the spirit of 0uicmoi's comic, that I would continue his series in my own version, with the help of Cecilia, as Mindcrack Beats Minecraft.

Last update: 28th Jul 2014
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