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I want to tell comic book stories like no one has ever tried, Superhero comics like movies and TV shows in comic form. And creating a subgenre which you'll find out after reading my comics.

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Purple Light Purple Light
The Story is based on the life of a teenager, Nankuru Hakaruchu, who is the only known neon elemental, he trains to become a Royal Guard and join his father on missions and be recognized all over the world.
Last update: 15th Oct 2017
Graphic Violence / Gore
Modmight Modmight
16 years ago a nebula cloud hit the earth, West Africa was the most exposed to the radiation from the blast. The radiation affected most humans, and these humans developed powers at a certain age of their lives. ONE of them is Jason Nwadialo, he was just 2 years old when the nebula cloud hit earth.The signs of knowing if a person was affected by the nebula cloud wasn't there until they reached the stage which their powers begin to manifest. It was not until the day of his 18th birthday, the start of adulthood that his own powers manifested.
Last update: 30th May 2018
Graphic Violence / Gore