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KetsuekiDoku KetsuekiDoku
Ketsuekidoku is the story of a mad scientist, a group of policemen and two lost aliens.
The comic starts in 2012, but goes on a one year and a half hiatus and then rewritten in 2014. This comic was meant to be divided in various parts (KetsuekiDoku, KetsuekiDoku X, KetsuekiDoku Legend, KetsuekiDoku E and KetsuekiDoku S). But the huge amount of sequels and spin-offs was removed with some useless characters.

Last update: 23rd Apr 2017
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Miraiko Miraiko
After a long search, the Song family finally finds Junko in an orphanage and immediately adopts her. But little did she know that she was adopted by a family of powerful magical fighters for she is the daughter of Miraiko, the strongest magician to have ever existed. And now she has to replace her long-dead mother.
Last update: 2 days ago
Occasional Frontal Nudity Occasional Strong Language