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Emmi Heldt's Profile
Emmi Heldt♀
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Registration date: 1st Apr 2011
Last seen: Yesterday, 8:21 AM
Posts: 5
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Location: Between a Rock and a Wet Place
About me
Hi. I'm Emmi. I'm pretty much an art whore, writer, and overall talentless hack when it comes to the visual arts.
I'm one of those people who can afford a tablet, and has one, but doesn't have the skill to make the most amazing art with it.
Instead, I draw crappy art with it.
I'm highly unmotivated and a bit of a lazy bum, and I'm pretty much always broke.
I roleplay.
I'm twenty-one. I'm single. I'm a loser.
I am looking for good friends, roleplay partners, and people to be huge art whores with me.
Come at me, bro.

Emmi Heldt's comics
Accidentally on Purpose
A Warlock, a Guitarist, and a Host for a demon live under the same roof and are in a three way relationship. As things go upside down and right side up again, there seems to be quite a few issues in their lives, even though the three of them seem to still make it through okay, minus the huge bills they have to pay to their landlord...
Last update: 7th Jan 2014
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The Occasional Annoyance
Emmi and Lockdonnen drawdle some videogame and life-related comics. Updates occasionally.
Last update: 21st Jul 2013
[Comic profile]
A random idea that will more than likely get scrapped. This comic will rely heavily on user comments to guide it in a general direction. Kind of like MSPA (Microsoft Paint Adventures), only without the MS Paint, and with mroe writing.

You are a Doppelganger in a strange new world. You are ejected from the rift to take the place of some menial nobody, and take over their life. Your conscience tells you what to do, and hilarity ensues.

Last update: 3rd Apr 2014
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