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Registration date: 29th Jun 2018
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Location: Oklahoma, USA
About Me
Hi my name is Tyler most people just call me TJ. i started digital art about February 2018 before that i did some slight traditional sketches. my art currently isn't the best but i hope to hone my skills to become better. my ambition is i want to start making my very own webcomic which will be free for access to all viewers. i want to share the story on my mind and i do hope you guys enjoy it.

Emporerfurby's Webcomics
Trials of Xelestria
Welcome fellow adventurers to the country of Xelestria. A place of magic and wonder.
Follow Haztus Shaw as he explores the vast regions of Xelestria in search of a loved one taken from him. A tyrant king now sits on the throne and a mysterious organization is seemingly pulling the strings. In this adventure Haztus will find he has a much greater destiny to fulfill.

Last update: 10th Nov 2018
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