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Endorr's Profile
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Registration date: 6th Feb 2010
Last seen: 26th Feb 2010, 9:49 AM
Posts: 37
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Location: New Hampshire
About me
I am a young boy who loves making comics. I have a comic I make that my friends love. I figured I would make a web comic of it for my hardcore fans to check out extra stuff. It is one rockin comic.

Endorr's comics
The Cute and Cuddly Blob
A cute and cuddly blob is a magnet for hugs, but he is a vampire! If you hug him he will eat you, but no one can resist hugging this cute little blob.... do YOU want a hug?
Last update: 11th Feb 2010
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The Earth has been overcome by evil. The only three people who can save the world are Foller, Ancho, and Xeviour. The only problems are one, they are on seperate planets, two, they hate eachother, and three, the villains won't just sit back and get killed. The incredible action comic, Endorr.
Last update: 7th Feb 2010
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Modern Exaggeration
All the problems we have. Modern problems, exaggeration, comics, I present to you.... Modern Exaggeration. Comics with morals!
Last update: 7th Feb 2010
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Digital Madness
A comic about a bunch of people who have lots of problems with eachother! Who's side will you be on? Johnathan the bunny? The buisnessmen? The totally random people? Who?
Last update: 12th Feb 2010
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