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Registration date: 12th Aug 2011
Last seen: 24th Dec 2017, 4:19 PM
Posts: 1249
Comments left: 2523
Ratings given: 5 / 626
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Location: England
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Psychedelic Wizard


Ephemeros's Webcomics
Slightly Eccentric
Slightly Eccentric is a comic about fruit with the ability to wield magic, and their struggle to fight against the destruction of their world by robots! Join Sour Apple and Little Bread as they start to discover just what kind of world they're living in...
Last update: 9th Dec 2015
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Slightly Eccentric Origins
These are the original Slightly Eccentric comics, back when it was still an experimental Webcomic whose erratic stories (mostly unfinished) were plucked out of the air on a weekly basis.

It's an inactive archive.

You can read the new re-telling here.

Last update: 3rd Oct 2013
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Ephy's 24h Comics
Once a year, on the first Saturday of October, artists everywhere stock up on coffee and undertake the challenge that is: 24 hour comics day.

These are my 24 hour comics. C:

Last update: 21st Oct 2012
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Ephys Tests
For the testing of layouts
Last update: 29th Jun 2013
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