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Eris Castor's Profile
Eris Castor
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Registration date: 1st Jul 2011
Last seen: 8th Nov 2013, 7:54 PM
Posts: 187
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About me
Hello! My name is Eris. That's not my real name but it sounds cool. Welcome to my comic! It's not very good but I'm sure someone out there would read it. Soon I'll have a real site to put this on but for now I'm here. If you want to ask me to draw something for you I'd be happy to oblige! Especially if you give me money for it.

Eris Castor's comics
Extra Neurotic
Last update: 1st Dec 2011
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Dead-End Dada
So first I went kinda gag-a-day with this it wasn't honestly dadaism at any point but now it's about four kids who take over maintenance of the genres of comics they came from. I like shipping things like countries and elements and now genres.
Last update: 25th Apr 2013
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Come Again Some Other Day
A funny, sometimes emotional story about a creepy anthropomorphic book that tells you the past, present and future. It falls into the hands of a student at Sherman Bradbury Girls Prep, a supernatural academy, who proceeds to write down what it tells her. A false prince is vanquished, murder is accidentally committed, strange planets and romantic subplots are explored.
Last update: 19th Jul 2011
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