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Comic graduate, 25, Digidestined.

Can be found lurking at

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Overmorrow Overmorrow
An supernatural/horror story following two disconnected childhood friends trying so salvage their relationship while untangling the unpleasant past of the town they live in.

[Contains ancient ghosts, 90's aesthetic, conspiracy theorists, murders and depictions of varying degrees of Gore. Be warned!]

[Updated Tuesdays and Fridays!]

9/2 2018 EDIT: delayed update forecast due to febuary convention preping. should be back to normal soon.

Last update: 13th Nov 2018
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Calliandra Cloak Calliandra Cloak
A Scandinavian-European folklore inspired fantasy comic following Maike and her friends through Gimle.

[2016-09-08 update:On hiatus since 2013. Currently in progress of being heavily reworked and eventually revived]

Last update: 20th Aug 2014
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language