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Registration date: 19th Jan 2017
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About me
just some dude who draws

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Escha's comics
Last update: 5 days ago
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Eye of the Lust Storm
Vanilla hentai with some kinky bits.

A series of one-shots that take place within the world of Lust Storm, and more specifically, Climax Royale. Characters that appear here will most likely appear in the main series too.

These are short and sweet. A simple scenario is given, and the smut takes over from there. I hope you enjoy.

Last update: 26th Mar 2018
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Lust Storm
Owen Frost is a man who prefers porn over sex. However, he's been having trouble finding good material lately. Good thing a brand new tournament, Climax Royale, can give him the opportunity to fix his problem.

Vanilla Hentai/Comedy. Contains acts of sex, gets kinky at some points but nothing too extreme. I hope you enjoy.

Pssst, want a preview of the opponent that will be appearing in the next chapter? Just vote for Lust Storm on topwebcomics here! ;)

Last update: Yesterday
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