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I like to write and draw, and sometimes I put the two together, I am a huge fan of anime, reading and swimming.

I am currently writing the webcomic "Seraphim" and "Fracture" and sometimes I draw for them as well :D

My real name is Jessie, Faith was an old pen name I used before I got used to the idea of talking to people online a concept that this site and many like it has made me comfortable with

Faith's Webcomics
Devils Delight
Reads Left to Right.

What you see isn’t always the truth. For Alicia Moores this couldn’t be more true! A girl on the run from her past takes to hiding at Oaschi High, a school that is host to some of the brightest minds of Japan, the highest rated swim team in the country and the proud hosts of the Legendary Tanabata festival! It couldn’t be a better place to lay low but you know what they say, no matter how fast you run the devil will catch up with you, one way or another.

Devils Delight updates every Saturday

Drawn by Jessica Kings - -

Written by Roseanne Brailsford - -

Support us on Patreon:

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy creating it.

Last update: 17th Oct 2016
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We are the Seraphim, the Saviours of this world; hand-picked by the king himself to personally put an end to the Drey, or as they are more commonly know the Demons. They are creatures that are not bent on wiping humanity off the face of this planet but instead on using us... feeding on us. Humanity will no longer run, we will no longer hide and we will no longer be slaughtered like cattle. It is time for us to fight back; it’s time to leave the shadow of fear forever.
- Lady Theresa, First of the Seraphim 1026 IE


Hey there, first off we sincerely hope you enjoy the Manga; we love creating art, and stories and we hope that you can enjoy our creations with us. Now the second you enjoy the comic (fingers crossed) you'll be pleased to know we update on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and the page goes up approximately ~23:00 British Time (that's 15:00 Pacific Time and 18:00 East Coast time).

Happy reading!

Last update: 16th Nov 2015
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