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Registration date: 20th Jan 2016
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Vanilla Mizrahi
The year is 2016, and Shoshanna Sterling is like any other young woman in Canada...she's a sensitive artist, works retail, and has soul-bonded with a dybbuk.

Sho's also a Jewish convert, desperate to try and make her ancestors proud. With the help of her childhood friend, the undead Pazaz, she's got to try and find her place in the world and some allies. Life is tough, but Sho and Paz are even tougher.

Last update: 4 days ago
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Quinn Haverly is 16, trans, and an amateur journalist. High school can be an uphill battle, but luckily, he's got a loving family and some offbeat friends to pull him through anything.

Ages 12 and up

Last update: 15th Apr 2019
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