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Creator of PMD: Gleaming Hearts! I love creating my own Pokemon characters and worlds.

Fidchell's Webcomics
PMD: Gleaming Hearts
A new soul is thrust into the world of Pokemon. Jake is a riolu who is given a great deal of responsibility only minutes after he first awakens. To stop those with malicious intentions, he must harness a special power given to him by a saintly diancie. Along his quest, Jake will meet a plethora of friends and foes, all while trying to discover his true purpose in this strange, new world.

Story by: Fidchell, Noelram, and WhiteStripedScarf.

Lineart by: Fidchell Coloring by: Meep/Bane Comic will be updated every four days when possible!

You can also see the webcomic on Tumblr!

Last update: 3 days ago
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