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Registration date: 11th May 2014
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About me
He is a guy who makes comics and is in a constant state of frustration with humankind. He is obsessed with faeries and loves sparkling grape juice almost as much as the wife who lives in his head. You’ve been warned. Here there be Figs.

Fig's comics
KEXX: Emmalence of the Realms
KEXX: Emmalence of the Realms -----Fifty years ago, experiments on a distant planet gave rise to some of the most powerful, twisted beings the universe has ever seen, and as they make their presence known to a universe of eternal war, the struggle for power is thrown into chaos by two psychopaths whose very existence is a hindrance to nearly every authority wishing to have its way. As war in the heavens rages, the shadows beneath them grow ever darker, and the mortals caught in the middle may hold the secrets to victory. Who will fall, who will rise, and what will remain of the universe they fought for when all is said and done?
Last update: 3rd Feb 2017
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