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Registration date: 28th Sep 2017
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Queer Boat Academy
When a gay teenager breaks through a few thousand years of seals on his ancient soul, he decides to build Queer Boat Academy, a massive cruise ship built to be a school dedicated to queer youth. Unfortunate in doing so he rips off the band-aid of homophobia a little to fast for the conservatives...and apparently broke a few million rules of a multidimensional Papal government in the process.

Side notice: Within all that fantastical plot is also a lot of talk about real world issues from ones that plague teenagers in general, to ones the LGBT community faces.

Last update: 4th Dec 2018
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It is not the duty of mortals to judge that which they burn as they wander the path. Mortal flames burn much, but bliss is the purest, and hate forms the noxious fumes.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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