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I draw comics.
That's it, you can go now.
Wait, I was kidding, don't go...!

Here's my business card- *Hands over to you a [link]*

Flavia-Elric's Webcomics
Yet Another PMD Comic Yet Another PMD Comic
A human wake up with no memory in a mysterious world as an Eevee...
Which fate awaits- Wait a minute, I know this story!!

Will be back on July 3rd.

Last update: 2nd Feb 2023
PMDU - Pokeadventures PMDU - Pokeadventures
This series follows adventures of a group of pokemon with different dreams and objectives...

Updates on Sundays.

Last update: 11th Dec 2022
Karin Karin
Karin has the mission of stopping a great evil before it destroys the world.
She has the power to do so, but at what price...?


This is a short comic I made from a very old idea.

Last update: 8th Dec 2019