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❤ Hi! I'm Rey! I just love drawing cats and trying to animate lol ❤

Comicfury: you're here!

A little more about me:
- 14
- tired
- I have a cat named Stark
- My brother Cresent sometimes uses this account! He has permission dw!!

Everyone is valid!!
I read every comment <3

Link to my best friend(she's pretty cool and has good comics please check her out omg):The Alolan PokeNerd

Good song: Hero N Villian Duet

I hope you have a fantastic day! don't be afraid to pm me if you want, I don't bite!

NOTE: I will not tolerate any hate towards anyone here on my page. if I see anything I will not hesitate to block you from my page :)

Flowerchild's Webcomics
The Black Rose
this will be written later lol

this story wont be worked on quite yet. I'm going to be making ref sheets so yEaH i just need a place to store them lol

Last update: 14th Mar 2021
Its a Cruel World
i dont want to write this currently, ill get to it when I feel like it lol,
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
The scary comic of randomness that will never make sense
Haha did you read the title i think there is nothing to explain
Last update: 7th Nov 2020
Rey's Art Dump
Yes an art dump to make up the time I've been inactive, some of the art is relatively old. i do post recent things obviously but recently its just been older stuff. but please do look at it :D
Last update: 3 days ago