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Self-tought (Over a really massive chunk of my life) comics 'artist' who was weirdly never influenced by any mainstream comics at all and just sort of... made up the style himself. Always, always working on several stories, all set in the same universe (the Colkiverse).

Flyer Beast's Webcomics
Slug-Man Slug-Man
The longest-running of my comic stories, about the slimiest superhero to ever be an actual giant slug thingie. In which the story is alright but the art gets gradually better to the point I'm almost proud of it.
BTW this comic is a part of Colkinom, in Colkiverse A. That shouldn't stop you from understanding it though.

An asssurance that the art of the first episode (First 10 pages) is very, very old art by me. It improves very quickly from there. It'd almost be nostalgic if it weren't for it being embarrassing.

Last update: 9th Oct 2021
Sevens Crew Origins: Stella Sevens Crew Origins: Stella
A set of six (6) five-episode stories about six major superheroes... a fussy telekinetic, a floating-head-and-hands pandimensional being, a quiet gravity-controlling man, a horse-headed banjo player, a confident Australian and an overpowered emo.

Fits into the same universe as Slug-Man!

Last update: 28th Oct 2017
Colkinom Episodes: Jonah Gordonson Colkinom Episodes: Jonah Gordonson
A series of stand-alone comics about various characters and stuff from Colkinom, starting with some backstory for UNnified World Defence director Jonah Gordonson!
Last update: 6th Jun 2017
IronMadillo IronMadillo
Amanda, an above-average intelligence armadillo, has her life changed in a catastrophic accident, leading to her becoming IronMadillo, protector of the jungle against crime... and, soon, shady government conspiracies.
Last update: 22nd Oct 2019