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Registration date: 19th Jul 2012
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About Me
I draw STUFF, and I promise it isn't anime (please tell me it's not anime)


--Tumblr Links--

(Even though tumblr is evil and awful at least I can art there)
Inerudite Hills Blog (My Webcomic)
Main reblogging blog

Fnibble's Webcomics
Inerudite Hills

The Wayward, the Neutral, and the Lonely.
The Angel, the Ghost, and the Devil.
Three beings who live on opposite ends, contradicting everything that has ever been set as fact.

And some cannot stand to accept it.


A fantasy world following three protagonists on an adventure to unite and rally the citizens of the world! Gods, magic, and monsters included. This story has been built upon for years between myself and my siblings, and I can't wait to bring people into the tale!

Comic updates on Mondays and Thursdays at 2pm EST

Cover pages will update the day before the chapter release at 6pm EST

Check out the Tumblr and the Twitter for comic updates, character studies, and general art/concept/miscellaneous doodles about the comic!

Support me via Patreon for a gift Commission and access to bonus art, stories, sketches, and HD pages!
Donate to my Ko-Fi for sketches and kindness out of your heart! <3

If for some reason you want to read the old comic pages that are now irrelevant to the story, check here for the prologue, and here for the "beta" chapter 1!

Last update: Today
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A reform school for the "gifted".

Based off a cheesy dream I had about superheroes. Description pending because I'm lazy

I would LIKE to explore this comic more, but for now it will be considered discontinued.

Last update: 12th Apr 2016
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wow my art SUCKED here

IMPORTANT: Comic has been scrapped, characters tossed away, but the elements of the story have been re-visioned into the new comic I'm doing right now (Inerudite Hills)

Maybe have characters revived but altered quite a bit, but who knows at this point lol

Last update: 15th May 2013
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