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Registration date: 14th Jun 2014
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Formendacil's comics
Android Files
Three Town minifigs found themselves caught in a mystery that threatened to drag peaceful Townland into chaos from across the Legoverse. Now, with new friends, they face that chaos.

Season 3, another story arc in fourteen episodes, will debut Sunday, August 27th and update weekly until complete.

Last update: 26th Nov 2017
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Crossed Bricks
Crossed Bricks is a catch-all webcomic featuring LEGO bricks. Anything that doesn't fit in my longer-arching comics gets caught in here.
Last update: 27th Aug 2017
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Grandfather's Tale
Marcel of Flamond is an ordinary soldier in the King's service when all the forces of evil descend on the Kingdom and he finds himself one of the few heroes left.
Last update: 7th May 2017
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Aquazone Breakfast News
Lucien Weatherby and Alexia d'Souza bring you the Aquazone spin on all sorts of things LEGO.
Last update: 17th Jan 2018
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Twelve contestants, twelve tasks, one winner. The usual deal.
Last update: 27th Dec 2017
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